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FrankenPaper Free Monster Paper Models


Fun Halloween paper craft! Download a Monster! Print-out, cut-out, glue, use as a holiday display or for pretend play! Perfect for Halloween or anytime you need a paper model monster friend!

Free Dracula Paper Model
Dracula Free Paper Toy Bust!

A new friend for you and FrankenPaper! Download and build this new Halloween papercraft project. This vampire paper model would be great to display in your Halloween haunted house!

Dracula the Vampire Free Halloween Paper Mask

Free printable Dracula the Vampire Halloween Paper Craft Halloween Mask to wear with your vampire costume! Maybe a home made vampire costume.

FrankenPaper Monster Bust
FrankenPaper Free Paper Toy Bust

In honor of the 186th Anniversary (03-11-2004) of Mary Shelley's horror novel Frankenstein. Here is our version of that loveable monster in paper! We call him FrankenPaper! Display him in a window on Halloween for the trick or treaters!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy!

FrankenPaper Mask
FrankenPaper Free Halloween Paper Hat Mask

Need a Halloween mask quick? Print out our free Halloween Frankenpaper mask out, assemble with scissors and glue and Voila! It's a Halloween Frankenstein monster Mask, Flip it up on top of your head and it's a hat, It's a HatMask! Finish the look off with your favorite Frankenstein costume. Or be really creative and make your own Frankenstein Halloween costume!

FrankenPaper Head in Box Illusion
FrankenPaper Free Follow-Me Head-in-a-Box Illusion

This is a great illusion paper model that kids and grown-ups will love! When you pass in front of box, the Frankenstein Monster paper model head will follow you! Strategically place it to greet Halloween visitors!

Bobblehead Shelfsitters
Dracula & Frankenpaper Paper Shelf Sitters

New for Halloween! Bobblehead Shelf Sitters of our Frankenpaper and Dracula the Vampire. Simple projects for a Halloween party activity. Sit them on tables, shelves, monitors, televisions for party decor or favors.

Frankentine Valentine
Free Frankentine and New Vampire Bobblehead Free Paper Model

Give your Valentine our Frankentine Bobblehead or a Vampire Valentine paper toy bobblehead! Happy Valentines! This will be the most unique Valentine gift she or he will get this or any year! But, what makes it really special is that you made this Valentines Day Gift yourself!



To print-out our free paper models at the designed size, download any of the images/patterns.

To download from a browser, right click on the paper model image/pattern, if you are using Internet Exporer, choose "Save Picture As". If you are using Firefox, choose "Save Image As".

Remember where you save the file on your hard drive. Then open the image in Microsoft Paint (or a paint program you know well). Choose File and then choose Page Setup. In the area that says "Scaling" choose 100%. Do not use "Fit To Page" because the each page will print out at different scales. Related example Image here...

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